Who we are

In 2011 we, the Nilsson family, experienced an opportunity of improvement in South African schools and hence founded The Cinnamon Bun Project. Since the beginning we have raised funds and coordinated projects in South Africa with the aspiration to establish better educational opportunities for South African youngsters. Our first, and so far only, project has been to support the creche Noluthando, a backyard-creche situated in Langa, a township annexed to Cape Town. Traveling throughout the world  always carrying ingredients to bake the traditional Swedish cinnamon buns, we have always interacted with locals by offering them some of our Sweidsh buns. I believe that it is through the interaction between cultures and traditions that we learn and develop, which is why I endorse the a bit odd but appropriate name of our organization, The Cinnamon Bun Project.

TCBP mission: “We aspire to improve educational opportunities in South Africa”

TCBP vision: “Establish better opportunities for South African youngster to fulfill their dreams”


Marco, Shafiek, Bo, Beauty (manager at Noluthando), Isaac & Camilla







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