December 2012

October 2013 Update

July 2013 Update

Together with Beauty, the project manager of Noluthando, we have a dream. Beauty’s dream is to increase the capacity, and to enable that a second floor must be built on the Noluthando creche. Combined with The Cinnamon Bun Project’s mission, “…to improve educational opportunities in South Africa” we started our work. A second floor on the existing backyard creche would not only allow for more space to the students, it would also differentiate the study groups by age and knowledge which improves the education. Since the beginning of The Cinnamon Bun Project, late 2011, we have raised funds to fulfill our dream, a dream that is soon realized thanks to the comprehensive work performed by the South African & Swedish team!

2013-12-25 Update! WOW! Almost there! The exterior parts are almost completed. Once we manage to paint the interior everything will be achieved!

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