2015 was a great year for our talented high school students!

Thanks to committed and engaged sponsors, The Cinnamon Bun Project can still maintain its Sponsor-a-students project. All students in this program are working hard achieving a lot, and a criteria to be selected is to be a former Noluthando student. Here is a brief summary of what these ambitious and talented youngsters have done and strive to do.

Sipo really enjoyed the year. She mostly enjoyed the acting classes, and to meet up with her Swedish sponsors a couple of months back was a true highlight of the year. She also went on a school trip to Malaysia which was a rewarding experience.

Mandy didn’t find grade 11 too tough, which she was happy with. She is a bit nervous for the final year (grade 12), but the Accounting degree at University of Cape Town is something that drives her and takes away some of that nervousness. She won a soccer trophy, which she’s proud of.

Enthle found her year a bit challenging. She was torn with her concentrating classes, but once she had made up her mind she was happy with them all. For 2016 she’ll try to transfer to a better school, and will do so with the support of her mother and Vuyo.

Sisandra was very proud to have been admitted and passed all her subjects for this semester. She is truly exited to study physics, hospitality, and life sciences the coming year.

There was no doubt about the passion Athla feels for her acting classes. She is learning and developing a lot, this might be a future career for her. Studying geography was tough yet still she truly enjoyed it. The business classes also excited her. I actually don’t think there was any subject that didn’t excite her. To go and look at sharks with her class was an activity she won’t forget.

Chuma has had a hectic year at Camps Bay High with sports, primarily rugby. He had a tough period 2015 when he got injured, but managed to bounce back quickly from it. For grade 11 he will balance sports and academics even more. He’ll also get involved in a science project in which he might just do the whole project on his own.

Seeing the drive and level of ambition in these South Africans is something that gets us every time. This is the future of Africa, and for us involved in the Cinnamon Bun Project we couldn’t have been prouder of what these students achieve.



Lena & Rolf meets Sethu in Cape Town

Lena & Rolf are sponsors in our “Sponsor a Student program” to Sethu a student from a township in Cape Town. Through Rolf & Lena Sethu gets the opportunity to study in a better high school. 


Knitted blankets given to us

Gudrun, Berit and Birgitta comes together ones a week to knitt and crochet and the result of this is fantastic – they have made these blankets to the small children in our project. Thank you so much.