What we do

The Cinnamon Bun Project is a Swedish non-profit that strives to improve educational standards in the townships of South Africa. Since the beginning of this project in 2011, we have been raising funds and awareness about our mission. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with different projects in creches and orphanages. One of our biggest projects so far has been to expand the creche Noluthando, situated in the township Langa, by building a second floor to the school. The constructions were finalized in 2014, and now the creche can educate more children. By increasing the actual space and adding more rooms children of different ages can be taught separately which improves the overall level of education. All education is taught with the correct curriculum, and all renovations of the site have been according to South African fire, health, and environmental standards.

We’re currently working with Vukanomtobhoyi Orphanage, also situated in Langa, to build a house for them. They currently reside in an over-crowded shack and we’re raising funds to build them a house.

Vukanomtobhoyi Orphanage

We also are engaged in students that have enrolled in Noluthando but is now studying at different high schools, and we call this project sponsor-a-student. By being a sponsor of a student you help the families to pay parts of the tuition costs so that these high performing students can attend good schools. We are completely funded by our donors, so your support is truly appreciated! Support The Cinnamon Bun Project

Thank you all friends of the Cinnamon Bun Project for your generous donations; it is because of you that we can make an impact for the South African youth!

The picture below is taken during our annual meeting with the students. Some of the students strive to become designers, some accountants. One of the girls says that she is dreaming about becoming president in South Africa one day. We encourage all our students to dream big and protect those dreams. Currently, two of our students are enrolled at University of Cape Town, and one at Nelson Mandela University.